Why it’s best to keep your design agency local

I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase about keeping your shopping local.

A few years ago it was most definitely the ‘buzz word’ for local towns and villages, where we were all urged to support local retailers and food outlets, rather than give our money to the big corporate giants. The argument is that if you support local than you keep shopkeepers happy and in business, increase/support the local economy and also help business’ thrive and survive in a very competitive market. And then there is always the argument that they are there on your doorstep and your support means they can continue to provide amazing produce / meals / services for years to come – and you are almost always guaranteed a service with a smile – because they care!

Well have you ever thought of the same principal being true when looking to work with a local design agency? For example, say you need a new logo designing, want to update your catalogue of work or have leaflets/posters designing and printing but don’t know quite where to start? While we are very much in the digital age where emails and texts dominate our lives, nothing can compete with meeting, knowing and seeing someone to explain your ideas, rather than being just at the end of a keyboard.

Customer Service

Working with a local business makes meetings and communication easier, making your customer service experience better

Local Knowledge

Having a good idea of the local area can be really useful in terms of understanding the local market, and knowing exactly how to target your marketing effectively

Proofs and Prints

Being local makes the proofing process a lot simpler. Being able to ‘drop in’ copies for checking, can help save time and ensure a print that everyone is happy with


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