Graphic designers can be sensitive souls – not in terms of sobbing at Rom Com’s – but in knowing great design and having that eye for detail that some of us may not be gifted with…


From being able to spot a bad font, bought in a box websites with no character to a logo which clearly belongs in another decade, a graphic designer can help you stay on brand, and on top of your look.
So, want to know what graphic design trends we love and hate?

1. Handwriting fonts we can’t read

Sure we all love a font with a personality – and handwriting typefaces can look awesome, but when it’s just unreadable what’s the point?

2. Drop Shadows on photos – could you get more 90s?

‘Can we make it ‘pop’ more?’ Yes we’ve heard it many times before, but since 1996 a drop shadow has never been the answer!

3. Putting .com beneath a logo

Wow! You have a website, but please don’t tell everyone, that’s so 2003

4. Old team photos taken 20 years ago

It’s always best to keep your selfies recent – Nice mullet!

5. Comic Sans

No. Just no. This isn’t a school project guys!

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