I once worked as a journalist on a newspaper which had daily deadlines – so copy turnover was high, stress levels were through the roof, and unfortunately, mistakes sometimes hit a level which was, of course, unacceptable.

And that’s the problem when you rush. Mistakes are made and they can’t always be saved…

**Anecdote alert**

At this one particular paper, and on deadline, we luckily noticed a terrible juxtaposition between an advert for car repairs and a story about thefts of motor vehicles getting resprayed and sold illegally, and was almost so subtle it nearly went downstairs to the print press. The only way it was actually saved was because the news editor insisted on reading the proof, not on the screen, but on a good old fashioned print out, A2 in size and so we could slow ourselves down and properly read the paper as if it was fresh out the newsagents and with a cuppa.

But trust me, there were more, terrible ones, that are just too awful for me to type – and they made it to print – and generally it’s when the print out didn’t happen and we skidded through to the end of the deadline thinking all was fine.

**Anecdote over – okay back to business…**

And that’s the point (if you read it!). Mistakes like that make you cringe. You suck in your breath, close your eyes and wish you had been a little more careful before hitting the BIG RED ‘send to print button.

But because we don’t own a time machine – not that they seem to work very well in ANY movie EVER – we take the the simple approach to proofing…

Print, check, recycle – The proof is in the print

Our design studio always print and check work before sending it to our client. Being a small company it’s not uncommon for a piece of work to pass across many eyes for checking before being sent to the client.

We get a kick out of print, we love that warm, inky, hot off the press smell and we know a good print when we see one… That’s why we check your proof beyond just the copy, we’ll be looking for colour matches, trimming, image resolution and any special print finishing to ensure the final job is perfect.

In our Graphic Design Studio we become very good at picking up specialist knowledge relating to our projects, whether that’s working with Arthur Price and knowing the difference between our Chiefs Knife and our Pairing Knife, or knowing our Boom Lifts from our Scissor Lifts in our work with Bella Access. But with all this in mind our clients are still the experts in their field and they will always receive a printed proofs for final checking.

We also don’t believe in digital proofing – only to be approved on an iPhone screen, on a train, with bad signal!

Full size proofs from a commercial printer isn’t common practice in the industry anymore, but it is something we still insist on to ensure we are confident before every job goes to print.

And remember there’s always time for a reprint!

Because we don’t own a time machine…




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