Here at Straightforward, we can take your brochure designs to the next level. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a full service tailored specifically to your needs.

We have the skills to take care of everything from creative and photography to copywriting and print production. Our experienced team create an engaging brochure that delivers results and will drive your business forward.


Nothing quite beats the tactile feel of a printed brochure, which has the ability to leave a long-lasting impression on your potential customers. The beauty of print is the vast range of specialist papers available and special finishes, such as metallic foil, embossing or lamination, allowing you to present your brand the way you want your customers to see it.

A printed brochure is a tangible piece that can be used as a powerful marketing piece in a range of settings such as an exhibition or showroom. It will be read, retained and referred back to, staying around much longer than an emailer or online advert.


A digital brochure is a valuable marketing tool in the ever-growing virtual world. Digital brochures have the advantage that they can be optimised for use on various devices and digital platforms, making them highly accessible to a large audience.

A digital brochure is also a great solution if you need to update your brochure regularly, for example, pricing or product ranges. Pdf files also allow you to distribute your information instantly, without the need for waiting for printing.

Digital brochures are a great environmentally friendly option, as they prevent paper wastage and reduce printing costs.



At Straightforward, we offer a full solution for your brochure design, all tailored to your specific needs.

We have the flexibility to handle as much or as little of the process as you require and are more than happy to work alongside your marketing or in-house design team.


Chances are your brochure will include photography. We can produce photography in a wide range of styles, from set photography, product photography or specialist macro photography. Our photographers are experts at capturing it all.


Chances are your brochure will include photography. We can produce photography in a wide range of styles, from set photography, product photography or specialist macro photography. Our photographers are experts at capturing it all.


Illustration is a highly visual and engaging method that is a great way of communicating ideas and messages to your customers. From traditional to digital styles, we can produce a wide range of illustrations for your brochure.


We can take care of the whole print production process, from paper selections to exploring different special finishes. Our experience means that we can advise on the best solution for your design, business and budget.


It’s important to get your messaging right when creating a brochure, and good copywriting is key to this. A well-written brochure will clearly explain your product or service in a way that your customers can understand.


We can provide you with a fully optimised digital PDF version of your brochure, that is interactive and informative on any device. Make it a download from your website, a link via your socials media or attach it to an email.


Artworking is the process of taking a chosen concept design and turning it into a final layout via Adobe InDesign ready for either print or digital output.


We'll always provide a timeline of the entire project, so you know when you'll receive your brochure and the process runs as smoothly as possible. This could include sorting data, collating existing assets or planning a photography shoot.


We like to keep things as simple as possible at Straightforward, and that includes our brochure design process. We will keep you informed at every stage of the process so that you know what to expect and when.

1. Briefing & Quoting

The first stage of the process is always understanding what your requirements are for your brochure design. Once everyone is happy with the scope of the brochure project, we will produce a quote outlining the work we plan to undertake and the associated costs for approval.

2. Asset Collation & Copywriting

Once the quote is approved, we will start gathering everything that we need to design the brochure. This could include things like asset collation and arranging copywriting. Collecting digital assets and creating new content upfront generally means the rest of the process moves much quicker and smoother.

3. Concepts

This is when the creativity really starts. At this early stage of the design process, we will produce a range of initial concepts that answer your brief. These won’t be final solutions, but would effectively demonstrate the design language and determine the visual direction for the brochure.

4. Design Development

Once a creative concept has been chosen, this idea will then be further developed into a more comprehensive design solution. We take on board any client feedback and refine the design so that artworking multiple pages of a brochure is possible.

5. Artworking

Artworking is the process of taking the brochure design and turning it into final artwork ready for either print production or digital outputs. This involves things like ensuring colours and typography are consistent. As well as making sure any amends have been correctly implemented.

6. Output

At this last stage we will provide you with the appropriate final artwork files; either print-ready files or digital files. We can also liase directly with printers to ensure they are printed to specification.

6. Print Production

If your brochure is going to be printed, we will either supply print-ready Pdf's or liaise directly with the printers to ensure they are printed to the agreed specification.

6. Digital

If you're going down the digital route, we will provide you with fully optimised digital files that can be used on your website, social media profiles and any other digital platforms.

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