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We work a diverse array of clients and sectors, therefore no two projects are the same (we’re not one of those cookie-cutter agencies) as each project draws on a different set of disciplines within our services.

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As a guide, we’ve also provided some examples of what our other clients pay.

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Take a look at the project pricing examples below to get a feel for our pricing.

Branding projects can vary depending upon the size of the company – if it’s a new venture or an established brand looking to develop.

Our branding projects include multiple meetings and presentations with our clients.

Project Deliverables:

Project Timeline: usually from 3 – 4 weeks

Price Range: 5 – 15k

From small overview brochures to large detailed product catalogs, we combine messaging, product data and branding into creative page layouts that present your products and services.

Many elements combine to create a brochure, depending on the assets you already have, we can quote for using existing assets or creating new ones e.g. Product Photography, Technical Illustrations etc. If printing is required, we can also handle the print specification, samples and management of the final print.

Project Deliverables:

Project Timeline: usually from 3 – 4 weeks

Price Range: 5 – 80k

If you have a service or product feature that needs explaining in a simplified way, branded explainer videos can be a great way to communicate your offer to your audience.

Our services are priced by the length of the video, existing graphical assets and branding elements.

Project Deliverables:

Project Timeline: usually from 4 weeks

Price Range: From 5k

We specialise in ‘Brochure’ Websites built on the WordPress platform using Elementor.

Designed and built from the ground-up for your business. Our bespoke websites engage users and build your brand online.

Project Deliverables:

Project Timeline: usually from 5 weeks

Price Range: 6 – 20k

Studio or location shoots managed and executed to ensure your imagery is spot-on.

We plan, orchestrate and edit you photo or movie material to show your product or service in its best light.

Project Deliverables:

Project Timeline: usually from 3 – 4 weeks

Price Range: 1 – 15k