As a creative team we had a big decision to make when we launched our new website…


We are obviously very proud of all our hard work and to showcase some of the incredible designs we have created from within the agency over the last few years as we do really think we have the edge over some of our competitors. And we would hope you would agree.

But to the outside world, a new website launch isn’t great shakes. It’s most certainly a new look and feel brand for us as an agency, which has been poured over for hours and hours to ensure it is completely on point for Straightforward.

But to the average Joe on the street who may have seen a few different brands launch a few different points of newness over the last few days, he, or she, needs something to make him stop, pause and take a little more note of.

So we decided to do something a little different for the launch of our new website.

We decided to use the power of the internet and cute cat pictures to draw a little more traffic our way, shall we say.

Cat pictures are the way forward

For us we wanted to make the launch fun, interactive and harness the internet, and people’s penchant for furry creatures – so by getting everyone to vote with their fingertips and show which they would really prefer to look at during the working day, we knew it would gain more traction.

The subject we used is a very beautiful one-year-old Bengal cat called Walt. Owned by studio director Shane.

We decided to put a vote for if people wanted to look at our new website, or at pictures of said cat. And I’m sure you can guess which one is currently in the lead.

But that’s the thing. To market and PR yourselves, it isn’t just about making something new and shiny. It’s about looking at how you are going to generate the interest, and newness that everyone does want to look at.

And cats (and dogs) are a sure fire hit. We are pretty sure.

So, while the vote is still on, want to let us know what you would rather look at?

Check out

Or for the cats:

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