With the right strategy and guidance, HTML Emailers can be a powerful and versatile marketing tool that can produce results, and help to develop your customer relationships


Of consumers prefer to receive communication via Email than any other channel

Email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI) among digital marketing channels


Of Email gets delivered whereas, (for instance) only 2% of followers will see your post in your Facebook news feed

Targeting specific segments of your database can improve click rates by up to 59%

A correctly formulated email campaign will

  • report to you ‘who’ read or ‘clicked through’ from your email
  • show you who demonstrated an interest in you
  • provide a list of prospects you can follow up

By measuring your email marketing activity you can

  • refine your emails to improve their performance
  •  reduce your marketing costs and/or increase your return

So you want to make your own Email campaign?

Here’s a quick guide covering the basics of what’s involved…

Planning and Design




Measuring and Reporting

Email Essentials Checklist

A Quality Offer With Concise Copy, Text & Content

Make it relevant, enticing & beneficial to the recipients

Vector Logos & Images

Logos and images can be saved as a variety of files such as JPEG, PNG or GIF

URLs / Links

Remember to check all your links are working and resolve to live pages on your website

Brand Guidelines

You already know the layout, branding, message and graphic execution are crucial to effective communications via email, web or print!

Email Database

It’s best to keep your databases as an Excel or CSV document so they can be uploaded straight to your ESP

ESP (Email Service Provider)

Email service providers supply a proven online platform you can use to send your email campaigns

What’s an ESP and what does it do?

ESP’S are industry trusted automated platforms that specialise in the distribution of Email campaigns and database management

Reputable ‘Non-Spam’ Volume Emailer Sending Platform

Tracking And Monitoring Campaigns

Auto Handle Bounces And Unsubscribes

Personalising And Segmenting Campaigns


Different Email browsers (Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail etc…) display Emails differently, that is why it’s important to ensure your Email is fully tested against all browsers to ensure it displays exactly as intended.

We recommend you test your Emails through the service offered by Litmus, simply upload your Email and they will provide you with a visual of how your Email will display in different browsers.

Using this knowledge Emails can be adapted to ensure they appear exactly as you intend on every application and browser.

Reporting and Measuring

This is the important bit where you measure how well your campaign has performed and discover which customers have responded, heres some of the data you can expect to receive…

Open and click rates

Open and click rates show you exactly how many people viewed your Email and how they responded.

Subscriber activity 

Your subscriber activity shows how your campaign performed across it’s first 24 hours, and also the click rate of individual links in your Email.

Click Performance

Click performance shows you an in-depth view of how your Email links performed.

Can we help?  Yes we can!

We send Emailers for clients all the time and we know what we’re doing, but our service to you extends beyond just an attractive Email design (even though that goes without saying), heres our standard emailer process, and how we work with you to make the perfect campaign…

1. The Brief

We work with you to design an Email campaign brief that meets the needs of your business or offer. To get an idea of the content needed for your Email, see our useful Email checklist.

2. The Design

Using your brief and content we then start work on an attractive and effective Email design. As part of this process, you will receive a ‘proof’ of our design for you to approve.

3. The Tech

It’s vital your Email reaches the client in the way you intended. That’s why we ensure your Email is coded and tested to withstand any Email provider, and appear just how you want.

4. The Report

We monitor the performance of your Email campaign and supply you with useful stats including opens, clicks and also the most active recipients so you have can see exactly how your Email performed and who was interested.

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